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Salasar Hanuman Balaji Temple Story

Salasar Hanuman Balaji Temple Story

live salasar hanuman balaji temple

About 310 years ago, Thakur “Banwaridasji” was living in a village name as Naurangsar of Churu District (Rajasthan). His son “Tulsiramji” had four sons, out of which “Salam Singh” was the eldest. All the four brothers use to live in different villages named Naurangsar, Tidaki, Jiluliyasar and Salamsar respectively. The place where Salam Singh started residing was renamed as “Salamsar” which is now known as Salasar. In the same village there was a saint whose name was Pandit Sukhramji who uses to do agricultural work for Thakurs of Ravasa and also various other religious works. Pandit Sukhramji got married to Kanhi Deviji who was daughter of Pandit Lachhiramji, residence of Rulyani village.
Within a few years Pandit Sukhramji earned lots of respect and money. He also became father of a son. He was living happily with his family, but unfortunately he died when his son was only 5 year old.  After her husband death, Kanhi deviji shifted to her in laws place at Rulyani village along with her son Uday. Pandit Lachiramji Patodia had 6 sons and 1 daughter. His youngest son Mohandasji was devotee of Hanumanji from childhood. At Mohandasji naming ceremony (Naamkaran) astrologers had predicted that he will become a great saint, who’ll be known for his deeds worldwide. Since childhood, he use to spend most of his time doing meditation as a result, he started departing from his family and the world.

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